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Map of wedding-related locations

Map of Wedding-related locations - Click on map

To see all of the important locations of our wedding on one interactive map check out our Wedding Mapper map!

It will show you important locations: Our house, Rehearsal Dinner Location, Wedding & Reception, Hotels and Airports.  You can map to and from each point of interest or icon…handy for figuring out drive times and such.  Click HERE for a list of the locations that are mapped and let me know if I am missing anything…

I am very surprised.  I guess I am not good at guess-timating times.  It takes 11 minutes to get from our house to the wedding site (I would have thought 7 minutes) and 19 minutes to get from the wedding site to “our” hotel – Blue Inn – (I would have thought 6 minutes or something).  Hmm.  Apologies to all if I gave any of you inaccurate timing.  The wedding planner is kinda cool because it gives your directions to and from anywhere mapped on the site..gotta luv technology.


Alert! Wedding Venue Change!

 As William Shakespeare said “Accept the things you cannot change, and change the things you cannot accept.”    We changed the wedding ceremony/reception to the grounds of the Arrowhead Farm (under a tent).  It will now start after 4 PM (exact time TBD) .. let me know if you have any issues.  I’m sorry if this has impacted your plans! 

 When you click on the hyperlink “Arrowhead Farm” the tent will be in the field behind the arbor.

 Interestingly, Charlie found this little bit on the farm website: “In 1789, the housewright framing up the Federal style house on the road to the ferry recorded for posterity the Presidential tour passing by on its way through New England: “Mr. Washington is here,” he wrote on the roof rafter he had just put in place.”  I guess the road to the ferry went by the house.  

Reply to “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you.”

Ok – my fellow bride (and bridesmaid) Maura, yesterday posted the song/video “yellow” by coldplay on her blog with no explanation.    Without being aware of this last night, I called my sister and asked her to listen to this song – “Clocks” by coldplay/buena vista social club and asked her if I think it’s appropriate to be a significant part of Me and C’s wedding.    Psychic song connection or not?  You be the judge.

 Here’s a link to the song that I love:  Do you think it’s appropriate to walk into the tent with this song being played by the DJ as we introduce the new Mr. and Mrs. and our bridal party?  The lyrics are about missed love opportunities, but the beat goes on and on – am not too caught up in lyrics.  I love the latin flair.

 Why do you think Maura posted that song on her blog with no explanation?  Comments or thoughts?

 I THINK this will be the first song we dance to as husband/wife.  LINDA RONSTADT – Blue Bayou (1977).  Groovy man.  This song has special meaning to charlie and I….I always wanted to know what that song was, and one day Charlie started singing it…I couldn’t believe he knew the song and the words.  I was floored – since our main color is blue, this song is appropriate.   We are so retro.  My sister heard this song at staples as she was creating my save-the-dates – she thinks it was meant to be!

Local Airports.

Hello Folks – I’ve gotten a few questions on what airport to fly into and there are two options.

BOS – Logan Airport – This airport is about 1 hour south of Newburyport – but it can get a little tricky with traffic during commuting hours.  It’s your best bet for direct flights to Boston.  It’s very big and very international.

MHT – Manchester, NH airport – smaller regional airport often with good deals, though you may not get a direct flight.  It’s about 1 hour away from Newburyport.

 My sister added this comment so I brought it up:

There are also flights available to Pease in Portsmouth, NH also which is only 20 minutes to NBPT. Skybus flies from Ohio, Florida, & North Carolina.

What to do: Beyond NBPT

  • Newport, RI (approx 2 hour drive South)  Here you will find a world of exceptional elegance and inspiration in architecture, art, interior design and landscapes.  Explore 250 years of American history at our 11 historic properties, located on 80 acres of gardens and parks.  Please join us for a journey back in time at one of America’s premier collections of historic house museums.
  • Boston, MA (Approx 1 hour South) Check out for lots of fun ideas.  Take a duck tour,  visit faniuel hall, walk the freedom trail, explore the North End (Ciao, Italia) and stroll through chi-chi Newbury Street and have lunch on the Boston Common.
  • Portsmouth, NH (30 Minutes North) Portsmouth is a lovely seaside town, filled with quaint shops and restaurants.  Right on the ocean/river.  It’s a bit bigger than NBPT – and there’s lots of fun things to do:

What to do in NBPT

Newburyport is one of my favorite places to be.  Charlie grew up in town – we now live in Amesbury, which is a few minutes away. NBPT is straight out of a Dicken’s tale – with  cobblestone streets, brick buildings, lots of nature to play in and the ocean is moments away.  Many cute, but expensive, stores to shop in and a beautiful boardwalk to stroll as you see the boats leave and enter via the Merrimac River.  We’ve found some great places to eat.  We take our dog, Cleo, to Maudsley State Park and set her free.  It’s minutes to the boating, beaching,  fishing, nature trails and bird watching.  We even have a bald eagles that winter here – bird watchers go crazy.  There are beautiful homes in town to admire.  We can head 25 minutes South and arrive in historic Salem, MA – site of the famous witch trials.  We can head 25 minutes North and arrive in a seaside Port, Portsmouth.  Portsmouth is much bigger than Newburyport and has a genuine submarine that you can explore.  You could go Northward still (1/2 hr) – and explore the beauty of Maine.  We hope you enjoy your stay!  I can’t wait to spend time with you in a place that I consider home, and make new memories.

Things To Do:

Beachcombing at Plum Island a natural landscape with 9 miles of ocean beach, sandy dunes and tidal salt marshes.

Birding at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge – considered one of the best year round bird watching destinations in North America.

Boating – Deep Sea Fishing * Charters * Whale Watching * River cruises * Kayaking * Swimming * Scenic coastline beaches

History Sites – The Custom House Maritime Museum * Cushing House Museum * Lowell Boat Shop * Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm * Oak Hill Burying Ground *

Explore – Maudslay State Park a 400 acre wooded estate with 19th century gardens – bike, hike, ,jog or enjoy horseback riding with rolling agricultural land and mountain laurels. Includes 2 miles of frontage on the Merrimack River great for picnics

For the kids – Moseley Woods This park overlooks the Merrimack River at the crossroads of Merrimac and Spofford and Moseley streets. This park provides a roofed pavilion, play equipment for children, and with prior notification, allows gas grills to be brought onto the premises. Please see the Moseley Woods website for more details.

Bridesmaids – Full Version

Stacy Dresser:
Known Alias: Stace, Stacia, Sista, Sista-please, Darling, Sis
Initial Meeting:  Birth
When we were little & we got into bickering (man, many bickers), my mother used to say “you two will be best friends when you get older; so treat each other nice, now.”  Our mama was right!  My sister and I have grown closer and closer every day.  Charlie constantly laughs at the sheer amount of time we spend talking on the phone or trying to see each other or working out! One of the most important things that my darling sister has taught me over the years is how important it is to connect with all the people around me, how to plan a fantastic party (frankly, I couldn’t have gotten this far without her), how to navigate through my career and the traits it takes to be a wonderful mama.  Since 1998 she has lovingly given up her wedding ring set for me to wear and she’d encourage me to feel confident that I will find that man I love. My loving sista was always on the prowl for a man for me, I was casually set up numerous times.  Ironically, Stacy’s beloved friend Allison encouraged me to apply for the job at the company that I met Charlie at – so if it wasn’t for her friendship with Allison – Charlie and I may have never met.  Thanks, talk about coming through for a sister!  You’ll meet Allison at the wedding.  Stacy has a great sense of humor – she always laughs at my jokes, without fail!  I go over her house and it’s a whirlwind of activity – with Nicholas, Elliot and Santina running around and her wonderful husband, Kevin – trying to Type-A-manage everybody.  My sister does all this, and more, with grace.  Stacy and I have so much fun enjoying the funny things our families do – esp. our mom and dad. Stacy and family live in Stratham, NH.
Brigid Begley:
Known Alias:  Brig, B
First Meeting Place:  High School
One of my most treasured high-school friends.  I’ve known Brigid for years, and she constantly makes me laugh with her wry sense of humor.  Brigid’s a bit of an enigma, when you first meet her she seems a little quiet and laid-back.  Once you spend a bit of time, you realize how very laid back, engaging and humorous her perspective is.  She has this incredible comic timing.  One of the funniest things about Brig is that she has had some of the weirdest/wildest experiences with people (esp. doctors), or maybe they are just normal real-life interactions, but the way she explains them is just classic and you’ll bust your gut laughing.  I spent a ton of time with Brigid when I first moved back, jobless, to NH from Cali.  She could not get rid of me, and we shared many great moments over her exceptional fluffer-nutter sandwiches and walking off said fluffer-nutters.  Her mother saved me from chocking to death on a jelly-bean once she actually gave me the Heimlich. I loved wearing Brigid’s wedding/engagement rings.  Brigid is very close to her big, Irish family.  She has 2 little darlings, Jack and Cara and another on the way.  She’s due in July.  Her husband, Sean, is a black belt in Karate, went to our high-school, studied in Japan and can match her repartee.  They live in Salem, NH.  They have a blog:

Nicky Shaw:
Known Alias:  Nicky, Tricky Nicky
Initial Meeting:  College
Nicky and I met randomly as roommates at ASU.   It’s going to be hard to pick out those stories that best illustrate tricky Nicky.   I’ll never forget the first day we met –  me, from the east coast, she from planet Malibu.   But first impressions fell aside very quickly, I found out that she was nothing like the
peeps I saw on MTV.  She was and is one of the most genuine and caring individuals I’ve ever met.  That first night, we stayed up talking all night – in fact, even before I knew Nicky was Nicky I saw her and had this feeling of recognition.  It was like the universe conspired to bring us together.  We spent a lot of time together on campus.  Sometimes I think she stole some of my personality during those years and I stole a little bit of hers!   She is so sweet, has a very creative side and is incredibly laid-back but there’s a tiger in there that she only shows when she absolutely needs to, so you see it rarely, if ever – but it is there.  She has these funny little mannerisms that I still copy today to make me laugh – the running man (which I don’t think she does anymore), her word “redonkulous” and countless other imprints she’s made on my life.  Nicky travels all over the world, enjoys reading décor blogs and loves to make life-changing decisions at the drop of a hat knowing that it will all work out.  We can go for a long time without chatting then pick up right where we left off.  We love gossiping about Hollywood together. One of my favorite things about Nicky is that she sees things in so many different ways; it’s never black and white – she’s always willing to investigate, learn more and understand the shades in between. Nicki’s sun sign is a Gemini – and if you know anything about gemini’s she is one, through and through.   She lives in Seattle, WA with Mark – who adores her and has a little baby on the way. 

Kimi Thompson – Proffer:
Known Alias:  Kimi, kee-mi
Initial Meeting:  College
Kimi&Nicky grew up right across the street from each other.  They have known each other forever…  When I first met Kimi, it was through Nicky – and at first, I didn’t know where I fit in, exactly.  It took a little bit for me to really get to know Kimi, but I am incredibly lucky I did (but more on that later). Kimi is active and relaxed, always honest, collected, always understanding exactly what is going on at any one moment.  She’s “California chill”.  She also is truly genuine with a such a nurturing personality and loves to let loose and party.  She is unflappable. She has such a capacity for understanding people and relating to them.  She has always been one of those people that takes care of others.  Nicky decided early on at ASU that she wanted to travel to Spain, and Kimi and I decided to be roomies. We wanted to find our third roommate – but whom?  Kimi knew exactly who would be a great fit; this girl (Bridget) she knew from the guys downstairs, but she needed to convince me first.  Of course, she was successful..and thank goodness.  I have to tell this story – the first time Kimi’s now-husband Robby met me was when he saw me outside our apartment, dumpster diving for a chair that someone had thrown in the trash.  Wow, that’s a way to meet for the first time.  Though memory escapes me now, I’m sure that when I walked up the stairs, Kimi was right there with a cold beer for me AND Robby.  If it wasn’t for Kimi, I suspect I may have went back home when Nicky left – but she orchestrated everything so it turned out so perfectly for us girls.  Kimi and I (and Bridget) forged a bond – late nights, card playing, drinks out and tons of memories that I treasure today. I’ll never forget the time that Kimi, B and I stayed up really late playing cards and making fun of a certain SNL skit.  That kept us laughing and up for HOURS.  I credit Kimi with my admiration for all things asian-inspired.  After college, Nicky, Kimi, Robby and I lived in a tiny 2-bedroom apartment in Calabasas, CA.  She lives in Woodland Hills, CA with her husband Robby and their two kids – Luke and Mia Nicole.

Bridget Randazzo:
Known Alias: Bridget, Brigid (old habits die hard), B
Initial Meeting:  College
Ah, Senora Randazzo.  Bridget brought out a little wild, child in me that I never knew existed.  In
college, she was very relaxed – never worried about a thing – we took some classes together and it amazed me how she was able to learn; She didn’t have to pick up a book, all she had to do was listen in class (something I always tried to distract her from). She’s also creative and intuitive.  She has a really
warm, soft almost sleepy side to her, esp. after a few drinks but always manages to keep the party rockin’. Bridget also has a spicy side – probably due to her extensive travels to Spanish-speaking countries.  When we’d go out to bars, I’d love watching her dance as she has great rhythm with amazing moves.  We both spent one summer at ASU – just the two of us – and had a blast.  I’ve seen Bridget take people on because she was personally insulted with how they treated others; like a mama bear.  We spent hours tooling around Arizona in her grandpa’s Camry with blue velour seats. People want to learn more about Bridget the moment they meet her.  The first real bonding time we spent was looking all over Tempe for the perfect pair of sunglasses.  And she found my eyeglasses frames when I lived out in Palo Alto (my now signature look).  She’s thoughtful and kind – and I’m glad that I trusted Kimi’s instincts!  Bridget lives in (Del Rey Oaks) Carmel, CA with her husband Mark and two darlings, Olivia and Camille.  She is also the person who I heard describe things as “darling”, darlings – I picked that mannerism up and never let it go.

Jennie Higgins-Chisholm:
Known Alias: Hey Higgs!  Jennie, Higgs
Initial Meeting:  First Grade?
Jennie is a friend that I have known for quite some time – 26 years now.  We used to do everything
together – form secret clubs to spy on people, attend girl scout camps, sleepovers, ski racing,
cheerleading, illegal bridge jumping and countless other scary & fun activities.  We’d ride bikes all
over town and just scamp about.  I was so lucky and blessed to have such a great friend to go up with – I would have had a really different, and perhaps lonelier, childhood.  We used to spend hours playing school and we both wanted to be school teachers but most importantly we would plan for the future and talk about our dream homes to be connected by an underground tunnel.  These days she keeps herself very busy, we don’t have the underground tunnel, and I wish I saw more of her.  Jennie has run, I don’t remember, 9 or 15 marathons…some insane number.  Growing up we were very friendly-competitive – and that really made us push each other in all sports (such as field hockey – in which she excelled).  Jennie manages to find all sorts of lost objects:  I’ll never forget when we were playing Barbies and she kept trying to put Barbie’s diamond engagement ring on her finger and told me that
it wouldn’t fit.  Turns out she had randomly found a loose diamond on the floor that she thought was
Barbie’s diamond.  Another time, some woman left a fancy diamond ring in a public bathroom and she found it.   Jennie and I shared the most exciting morning of my life when she was planning her wedding about 5 years ago.  We got up at 4 am to drive into Boston for the “running of the brides” – Filenes’s basement sale. We had a blast, were scared for our lives and found Jennie her glorious wedding dress.  I was so proud to see her in that dress during her wedding – it was amazing.  She is extremely organized and collected – if you ever need advice, give her a call – she’ll pause and then provide you with some very sane and logical advice.  She’s kind of type-a without any annoying characteristics that go with that.  Whenever Jennie and I had something to do, she’d relish putting packing lists together and would create them in triplicate.  Jennie is married to Gary, whom we went to High School with and has two boys, Ben and Brody, and another on the way.  They live in Salem, NH.

Karla Pachis:
Known Alias: Karlie, K, The Pachi and Charlie on occasions
Initial Meeting:  Birth
Life of the party.  You walk into the room looking for the crowd, and they are always around Karlie, entertaining them all with a funny story.  Her Boston accent is very strong and she used to get a lot of comparisons to Fran Drescher (although K’s laugh is easier on the ears).  She is my lovely, funny, successful and strong cousin, who encouraged me to move to Silicon Valley to start a new chapter in my life – she helped me find a great job at Spinway (a company Maura started).  She is always thinking and I’ve seen new products come out in the market and think “karlie thought of that first!! (case in point – the salad spritzer)” My earliest memories of K are going to her house for various family events and seeing this larger-than-life cousin with all the designer brands and the biggest hair ever – no joke, that hair needed its own zip code.  Her hair has changed, but that vibrant, larger-than-life personality remains.  She takes you in and makes you feel like you are part of “the family”.  She was my “rock” in California, taking me under her wing, introducing me to all the right people (Maura and Mindy), guiding my career and making sure that I was taken care of.  We spent so many late nights talking
and I loved seeing her fall in love with her super-successful husband, Trevor.  She achieves all the lofty goals she sets for herself and loves taking care of people with a vengeance.  Karlie’s advice giving is extraordinary; she manages to distill issues very quickly and get right to the heart of the matter. She lives in Chicago with Trevor and son Sebastian.  A little baby girl is on the way.

Maura Rodgers:
Known Alias: Maura, M, Spinmaura
Initial Meeting:  Palo Alto, CA
My treasured wedding-planner compatriot.  When Maura and I used to live physically close, we managed to get really emotionally close. I used to love to go over her house; the cookie jar was always filled with some home-made delectable morsels.  I would walk right in, pass Maura/Dan sitting on the couch or whatever, grab a snack and head to their computer – where I’d check the emails over their lightening-fast internet connection (this was circa 2000 and they had DSL). Eventually, I’d start to interact with the funny, real-live-people in the house and we’d spend hours chit-chatting till the wee hours.  Maura has this intuitive, celestial side to her, she’s always thinking big with so many diverse skills.  We’d spend a ton of time talking about business and the lighter side of life, eerie events and inspiring books we’ve read.  She also gives the greatest hugs, ever, and I don’t think I could walk by her without getting one. We spent a ton of time together, at work and after work, and I didn’t go a day without chatting with Maura or seeing her.  She, Karlie and I would meet up and eat great food and enjoy each other’s company. Whenever I am with Maura I feel so snuggly.  I was the first person to feel her baby (Emma) kick, and the first person to bonk Emma on the head; Maura, you handled that with such grace.  There is just this mesmerizing quality to Maura, I almost can’t explain it, but you meet her and feel like you’ve known her for years…and then you realize that she’s all that in
a warm, engaging package.   She has designed/built beautiful homes and makes you feel so welcomed and warm.   She is getting married to Danny in August and is busy starting new ventures and planning events that enable all the technical folks in Vancouver, CANADA to connect.  She and Danny have two children, Emma and Jack.

Mindy Haus:
Known Alias: Min, Melinda, spinmin
Initial Meeting:  Palo Alto, CA
My first meeting with Mindy was an absolute disaster; who would have ever thought that we’d become like sisters.  We met up at work (she worked for Spinway with Maura and Karla) and to be as accurate as possible, we just did not “get” each other at first. Here’s the deal: Mindy either offered or was asked to share an already-crowded cube with a lactating mom (henceforth referred to as LM).  I come in for a conference with LM.   LM is “pumping” with a blanket up as a “shield” over the door, the blanket falls as I leave and a LM breast may or may not have been exposed.   Harsh words were exchanged between Mindy and I.  It was doomed.  But for cosmic reasons beyond our control, the heavens had different plans.  I remember the very moment when we realized that things were now different, we were in my car, going to lunch with a group of work peeps, and Mindy started realizing that we had a LOT in common and so started with friendly banter.  Min’s husband, Norm, was at school a lot and she loved the company – and I had plenty of company to give.  We’d have sleepovers, sleepins, dinners, errands, shopping extravaganzas and drives to fill the time while Norm was away.  We’d watch shows, cook and sit around & chat.  Mindy and Norm lived in this tiny little house in a colorful part of town and I became a regular visitor – often sleeping on the couch.   We got really close, we had to – things were very crowded in there and I started referring to Norm as my husband.  Mindy would often let me wear her wedding/engagement rings for as long as I wanted; often for 2-3 days.  They started buying all of my favorite snacks to lure me away from my apartment.  She’s extremely principled, and you better watch what you say, because if there is any inconsistencies, she will spot them immediately.  She does what she says, she means and remembers what she says and you can count on her to follow-through
precisely and accurately; with that comes an incredible sense of loyalty.  She always plays devil’s advocate tempered with comical genius that makes you forget your troubles.  She lives in Mountain View, CA with “our” husband Norm and her two bundles of joy – Ethan and Julia.

Where to stay…

The first two hotels/bullets have room blocks:

  •  (Block) I checked out a Marriott Fairfield (about 5 minutes from the wedding/reception place and about 3 minutes from our house and about 5 minutes from downtown Newburyport) and it’s $119.00/night.  With tax it is $130/night.  There is a free deluxe continental breakfast and a pool.  The rooms are pretty nice.   Address:  35 Clarks Road Amesbury, Massachusetts 01913 Phone:  1-978-388-3400 Use Code: FITS
  • (Block) The Morril Inn – No website available.   But I hear it’s a cute little place.  Some shared bathrooms – so be careful or book with someone you know! (978) 462-2808  209 High St.  Newburyport, MA.  No code – just call and leave a message – the owner will get back to you when she can.  Cost is $95 – 110 a night.
  •  (NO BLOCK)  One of the largest “hotels” in Newburyport, the Garrison Inn is in the center of town and pretty cute.  In June, there’s a 2-night minimum at ~$170/night.  I didn’t block off any rooms here, but when I called yesterday, they had 25 rooms open.  But they may book fast!  phone 978-499-8500 
  •  (NO BLOCK)   The Blue Inn At the beach.  This place is higher-end but I think it’s so darling.  I think Nicky, Bridget and Kimi are going to stay there (with their spouses).  Check it out – two night minimum in June.  (turn your sound off)  It’s on Plum Island, a 2 minute drive to town.  In June there’s a 2-night minimum and it’ll set you back ~$400/night for a 2 bedroom cottage w/2 Queen beds.  And it’s really really close to the beach.  Address:  20 Fordham Way  Plum Island, Newbury, MA 01951  Phone: (978) 465-7171

Venue: Inspiration.

inspiration1.pngI collected a series of inspirational images that I think may be appropriate for the venue.  Click on the image for the full show.